Modern Assyrian Music - Musiqi Suryoyto hdatho

 24.10.2008 Tensta/Stockholm (AUDS)

with Habib Mousa and Fuad Ispir

25.10.2008 Norrköping

01. September 2007: Södertälije / Sweden

Mr. Abboud Zeitoune of Germany presented his new book, “Music Pearls of Beth-Nahrin”. In this book, Mr. Zeitoune created a great resource for all Assyrians to know what musical publications have been created throughout the past and current century.
Mr. Zeitoune has a great collection of Musical CDs, tapes and records, which has digitized. In “Music Pearls of Beth-Nahrin,” a person can find out what singer has recorded of albums, and the name of every song that is on the CD in addition to the names of the lyricist and composer.
The collection in the book is listed by Singer Name and in alphabetical order, and also contains a picture of each CD cover. Mr. Zeitoune also has sections in the book about the Assyrian Musicians and Assyrian Poets which he talks about and gives a description of each person.

Lecture in Södertaljie (ADO 50 Jubilee)

With Addo and Sabri Isho

With Ghandi Hanna

With Aboud Zazi

Interview at Suroyo TV (with Yusef Beth-Turo)

Interview at Qolo Hiro (with Jakob Rohyo)